Mansion Players

Community Theater for Valencia County and the Rio Abajo

Who are the Mansion Players?

 We're people from Valencia County who love the theater.  We put on several productions a year, ranging from melodrama to musicals, from comic sketches to serious drama to dinner theater. 

We come from every community in the county, and we range in age from students in grade school to senior citizens.  We have lots of different interests and skills, and there's a place for each of us in the Mansion Players. 

Maybe you have years of experience in the theater and you're looking for a place to use your talents. 

Maybe you haven't done any theater since high school, but you're thinking that it might be fun to get involved again. 

Or maybe you've never worked in theater, but you're curious and interested and think you might like to give it a try. 

Call us (565-2154) or go to the "Contact Us" page and tell us about yourself.  We'll find a place for you!